How to Road Trip With a Cat

Photo by the author.

Is it possible to road trip with a cat?

Eventually we decided to bring our cat on the road with us because:

  1. We weren’t sure exactly how long we would be gone.
  2. Our trusted house sitters/caregivers were not available.
  3. Our cat is super social and needed more interaction than a daily drop-in would provide.
  4. Even with supplies and pet fees, bringing her with us was the least expensive choice.

One of the biggest challenges I faced is that there’s just not a lot of information out there on how to travel with a cat.

After a ton of research, I finally decided to buy these two items a few months before our trip:

The first thing I bought was a sturdy, soft-sided pet carrier.

Photo by the author.

Of course, there were a few other essentials to bring along.

On the road with a cat — how we made it work:

Photo by the author.

Traveling with a cat is possible.



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